Social Incubator


Each year a trusted network of social and public sector professionals are charged with the task of identifying social entrepreneurs at the concept or seed stage who could benefit from technical assistance. To those selected for participation in the incubator provides a full range of services and resources to assist each organization and growing their capacity. The selection and application of services and resources is coordinated by an organizational consultant in order to maximize the benefit of each service and to seamlessly integrate them for each entity. Although our model is firmly rooted in a proven system of training and technical assistance established over the past decade, support, education and resources are custom tailored to the culture and unique circumstances of entity. Many of our services and resources are realized through the unique relationship between the entity and it’s consultant. To this end we emphasizes an integrated approach rather an providing services ‘a la cart’. For this reason, our catalog of services is constantly evolving and consistently improving.

We emphasize a three pronged approach to organizational capacity building that includes support, education and resources. Serendipity Education believes organizations can build their capacity most effectively when they receive the individualized support that can only come from a one on one mentoring relationship. This allows us to create a specialized training and technical assistance plan specifically tailored to the unique needs of the entity. Finally, through a strong network of existing relationships throughout the community we connect each incubator participant with the resources necessary for them to achieve their goals.


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