Arts Insights – Creating a Superb Board

July 30, 2011 at 10:10 pm Leave a comment

coutesy of the Arts Consulting Group

Laurie Dowling and Susan Trapnell, Senior Consultants
Kathryn R. Martin, Vice President

Although many factors contribute to the health of cultural organizations, the effectiveness of the Board of Trustees is often the single most important internal determinant of an organization’s ability to effectively pursue its mission and serve its community. The nonprofit Board, as a unit, is an organization’s ultimate governance authority and thus sets the standard for its culture and ideals. When a Board of Trustees expects a great deal of itself, it sets the tone for everything that impacts organizational health, including problem solving strategies, resource development, strategic thinking, and adherence to mission and vision. Artistic and administrative professionals can be inspired to extraordinary excellence by Board vision, spirit, and responsibility, or they can be reduced to mediocre performance or stagnation by myopia, group think, and lack of accountability. Ultimately, the Board of Trustees holds the cultural institution “in trust” on behalf its community and is meant to protect the organization’s legacy for future generations.

In every way, volunteer nonprofit Trustees have a very complex set of duties. They are asked to: …Read More


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